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Hinduism : The Eternal Tradition, Sanatana Dharma

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Fourth, it is the most scientific language. It is the only language devised according to where in the mouth the sounds are made. For this reason most of modern linguistics arose from the reexamination of Sanskrit in the nineteenth century. Grammar, philology and etymology are perhaps more developed in Sanskrit than any other tongue. It is perhaps the most self-consistent and homogenous of all languages, most others being composites of different languages or dialects. 

Sanskrit thus lends itself to be the language of the New Age of global culture. In the future, how many centuries one cannot say, humanity is bound to return to it, at least as its spiritual language or language of learning. 

Sanskrit has more words for the Divine and more precise terms for defining consciousness and meditative experience than any other language. It is the language of the higher mind and thereby gives us access to its laws and vibratory structures. It is the language of the Gods, the higher planes of the mind, and affords us access to the powers of these domains.


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