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Rightly employed mantras can be used to clear negative emotions from the mind. The mantra Hum, for example, eliminates fear. The mantra Ram gives peace.  Hence mantra is also an important part of Yoga psychology. It is the main Yogic tool for reconditioning the mind. It does not require any elaborate psychoanalysis but only an ongoing practice. Through it we can change the structure of the mind that allows psychological problems to exist in the first place.

In this way we change the nature of the mind rather than merely analyze it (which does not have the power to fundamentally change it anyway).  As long as our thoughts are not mantric we are bound to have some emotional problems in life. The solution is not to study our emotions but to practice the mantra. It is the personal or egoistic energization of the mind which causes mental suffering. The spiritual energization of the mind through mantra is the antidote. 

Mantra thus leads us to meditation and silence. It is not an end in itself to repeat a sound. Hence we should remain open after our repetition of the mantra to that stillness of mind and learn to dwell in it. That is where the Om vibration leads us. The sound of the waves merges us back into the silent depths of the ocean.


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