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Language and The Word as Spiritual Path 

The Vedic Yoga stresses the power of the Word or the Chant. She is deified as the Goddess Vak, Vani or Saraswati. Vak is the word as the power of command. Saraswati is the Goddess of the endless stream of wisdom. 

Many different forms of the Yoga of sound exist in Sanskrit literature. According to the Yoga and Sankhya system sound is the root of all other sensory potentials. It is the sensory quality which belongs to ether, the original element. Hence through it all the elements can be controlled. The mind itself is composed of sound. It is the reverberation of our words and the ideas they represent which forms the pattern of the mind. Hence a conscious use of sound both purifies and controls the mind. Most important of the Yogas of sound may be the Shabda Brahma Mantra Yoga of Bhartrihari (c. 500 A.D.), which describes the understanding of sound as the highest yoga and the most direct path to the Divine.


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