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The three bodies are the different vehicles of our consciousness. They are encasements for the inner being. Only the physical body is a body in our usual sense of the term. The astral has the same form as the physical body but is made up of subtle matter. The causal is of the form of an egg, a body of light. 

Each of the three bodies relates to one of the three states of consciousness. The physical body is operative in the waking state, the astral body in dream and the causal body in deep sleep. The inner Self corresponds to the fourth state, turiya, the ever wakeful state of pure awareness. As we become more conscious we also can become aware in active in the astral and causal bodies and learn to use their faculties as readily as those of the physical. However, many yogic teachings go directly to the inner Self and may not concern themselves with developing the potentials of these more subtle vehicles. 

These three bodies correspond roughly to body, mind and soul in the Western mystical traditions. The physical and astral bodies are formed anew at each incarnation. The causal body endures throughout the entire cycle of reincarnation and is the storehouse of all karmic impulses. It contains within itself the power to create the worlds and through it we can be co-creators with God. At liberation it too is dissolved into its source consciousness.


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