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Temples & Legends Of Andhra Pradesh
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Kulapati's Preface

Author - Shri. N . Ramesan On Temples


Alampur Lepakshi
Tadpatri Mahanandi
Tirupati Kalahasti


Mangalagiri Vijayawada
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Kotipalli Annavaram
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Yadagiri Vemulavada
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Ramanuja also arranged for the recitation of Nachiyar Tiruppavai, a famous collection in the Prabandbas, for the proper worship of the temple. In the temple, be elitrusted the work to an early Vaikhanasa priest called Bimbadhara. Sri Ramanuja also had the temple of Sri Govindaraja built. Sri Ramanuja also restored the two wells for the temple service and on the bank of the step-well he set up images of Srinivasa and Bhoodevi, and arranged that the flowers used for the temple service should be thrown into the well. Sri Ramanuja's attention was also drawn to a Naga jewel, which was worn, on only one arm of Sri Venkateswara. It was stated that a Gajapathi king by name Veera Narasimha was at Tirupati in the course of pilgrimage, and arranged for the construction of a tower. At this stage, Lord Adisesha appeared before him in a dream, and told him that, since the whole hill was his own body, the weight of the tower was increasing the load on him. The king thereupon stopped the tower and, in token of the Lord Adisesha appearing before him, got a representation of Adisesha made as a jewel and placed it on one of the arms of the God.

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