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Temples & Legends Of Andhra Pradesh
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Kulapati's Preface

Author - Shri. N . Ramesan On Temples


Alampur Lepakshi
Tadpatri Mahanandi
Tirupati Kalahasti


Mangalagiri Vijayawada
Akiripalli Draksharama
Kotipalli Annavaram
Simhachalam Arasavalli
Srikurmam Bhadrachalam
Yadagiri Vemulavada
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Some centuries ago, there would appear to have been some dispute about the identity of the Lord. Saint Ramanuja, the great Vaishnavite reformer of the twelfth century, is said to have settled the dispute and established the worship of Lord Srinivasa here. The idol of the Lord is in the standing posture, with the left hand extended to the left thigh, as if proclaiming that a steady devotion to the Lord's feet will achieve any object. The right hand is in what is known as Varadahasta. The idol is a complete representation of the Supreme Being in all its aspects. At the Dhruva Bera. Is a small silver idol or the Kauthuka, which is used for the daily Abhishekam. There is adjacent to this idol, the Snapana Srinivasa Murthy, and this Murthy is taken out only once in a year on the Kauthuka Dwadasi day at four A.M., and taken back to the temple before sunrise. The idea is that the Parabrahman represented by the Dhruva Bera in constant conjunction with the Purusha viz., the Kauthuka Bera and the Pradhana viz., the Snapana Murthy, is the cause of the creation and sustenance of the world. There is also an Utsava Bera, or the image of the Lord that is taken out for all the festivals and processions.

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Tirupati: In the Centre is the Anada Vimana

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