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Temples & Legends Of Andhra Pradesh
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Kulapati's Preface

Author - Shri. N . Ramesan On Temples


Alampur Lepakshi
Tadpatri Mahanandi
Tirupati Kalahasti


Mangalagiri Vijayawada
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Kotipalli Annavaram
Simhachalam Arasavalli
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Yadagiri Vemulavada
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In the temple there are two very important customs, namely, anointing the body of the Lord with camphor, and offering all the hair on the head of the devotee as a sacrifice to the Lord. The custom of anointing the body of the God with camphor has its origin from the fact, that at one time an old Brahmin devotee took up a vow to dig a tank near the temple. Since he was a very poor man, he fiimself did the work, and also pressed into service his wife who was fully pregnant. When the lady began to feel the pangs of labor, the God himself, in the disguise of a Brahmin youth, began to share with her the labor of carrying the earth. On noticing this, the old man became jealous, at some other man sharing the good fortune of service to the Lord, and so hit him with his crowbar. Then within the temple when he went to pray to the Lord he found, to his surprise, blood pouring out at the exact spot from the body of the idol, where the blow fell on the body of the youth. He then discovered that the Lord himself had graced him, by coming to share his labor, and he immediately began to dress the wound of the Lord with camphor. From that time the practice of anointing the body of the deity with camphor has come into vogue. The origin of the other custom, which is very famous and popular, viz., offering the hair on the devotees' head as a sacrifice to the Lord, is shrouded in mystery, and exactly when and how this custom began nobody is able to account for satisfactorily.

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