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Temples & Legends Of Andhra Pradesh
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Kulapati's Preface

Author - Shri. N . Ramesan On Temples


Alampur Lepakshi
Tadpatri Mahanandi
Tirupati Kalahasti


Mangalagiri Vijayawada
Akiripalli Draksharama
Kotipalli Annavaram
Simhachalam Arasavalli
Srikurmam Bhadrachalam
Yadagiri Vemulavada
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The popular belief is that the first Archa form, which the Supreme Being divulged for the benefit of human meditation, was in the Tirupati shrine. Hence it is that the Dhruvabera of the Mula vigraha presents all the three facets of the Lord and is a Trinity in unity, though only two aspects are physically visible in the manifested form. The Brahma aspect representing creation is unmanifest and the other two aspects of the Lord, namely Vishnu and Siva, are manifest to us in the Dhruvabera. The Jata in Kiritam and the other general features of the image, present us a vision of Lord Vishnu. In other words, this idol combines in itself the Vyakta Vishnu, the Avyakta Brahma, and the Vyaktavyakta Siva, and hence the Lord may be described believed that this spiritual influence is kept up here by the daily worship, not of human Archakas, but of the Nitya Suris, who are the ever-present angels. This is still reflected in the custom of the temple, where every night the vessels tributed as Prasada the next day, at it is said to be the Abhisheka Tirtha used by the Nitya Suris.

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Tirupati: In the Centre is the Anada Vimana

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