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Temples & Legends Of Andhra Pradesh
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Kulapati's Preface

Author - Shri. N . Ramesan On Temples


Alampur Lepakshi
Tadpatri Mahanandi
Tirupati Kalahasti


Mangalagiri Vijayawada
Akiripalli Draksharama
Kotipalli Annavaram
Simhachalam Arasavalli
Srikurmam Bhadrachalam
Yadagiri Vemulavada
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In this temple, unlike other Vishnu temples, we find no minor shrines or idols of Vaishnava saints, viz., the Alwars and the Acharyas. In this temple, they exist in their original form, as Nitya Suris, and hence there is no other shrine for them. There is only a temple for Sri Ramanuja, the great Vaishnavite saint who is said to have added the Chakra and Sankha to the Lord. The popular legend is that originally the Sankha and Chakra were not in the idol, and that when a dispute as to whether the idol was a Vaishnavite or Saivite one arose, Sri Ramanuja proposed that the Sankha and the Chakra, which are the emblems of Lord Vishnu should be placed before the deity during night, after worship, and that the Lord himself might choose between the two, and declare as to what form he has. It is said that Sri Ramanuja, who is considered to be the Avatara of Adisesha, took the form of a cobra, and went in through the opening intended for the Abhisheka Tirtha, and prayed to the Lord, whereupon the Lord himself took up the two emblems of Lord Vishnu. The pathway through which a great Saint like Ramanuja passed, was then closed and to this day the Abhisheka Tirtha is being taken out only in vessels,

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