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Awaken Bharata

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Unity of Religions and Monotheism

Modern votaries of Sarva Dharma Samabhava have tried to make the goals of different religions the same, even if these are very different in formulation. The idea of the unity of religions has encouraged equating all statements of oneness or unity of the Divine given in different religions. Notably monotheism, the idea that there is only One God, gets equated with universalism, the idea that all is God (monism). 

Monotheism, we should note, is usually not monism. It is usually an assertion that only one formulation of God is true, rather than a unity between all formulations of Divinity. The goal of monism is usually mergence into God or the Absolute, while that of most forms of Western monotheism, is a heaven or paradise in which the soul worships God, and from which those who don't believe in this form of God are excluded. Monotheism, particularly in Western religions, is usually an exclusive formulation that divides humanity into the believers and the unbelievers and refuses to accept truth that falls outside the boundaries of its belief. 

Its One God is not a universal principle but a singularity, not a force of unification but one of separation. Monism is usually a product of pluralism, accepting the value of many paths. Monotheism usually denies pluralism, insisting upon only one true path.

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