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Hinduism : The Eternal Tradition, Sanatana Dharma

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The Religions of Hinduism

There is perhaps a greater diversity of religions inside of Hinduism than outside of it. The different religions of the world - Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism and Taoism - do not have any greater variety of forms and practices than do the different sects of Hinduism - the Vaishnava, Shaivite, Shakta, Ganapata, Brahmanical, and so on.Hinduism has been regarded as a collection of sects, not as a singularly formulated religion. More properly speaking, as Sanatana Dharma or a universal approach, Hinduism is a collection of religions rather than a single religion as commonly understood. Yet it is more than a collection of religions.

These different religions of Hinduism are integrated into a greater and more universal Truth, and not merely haphazardly thrown together. Each of the main sects of Hinduism can be seen as a religion in its own right. Several sects of Hinduism, like the Shaivite and Vaishnava, have a longer tradition and a more extensive literature than the predominant Western religions. Almost whatever is found in any religion by way of forms of worship or view of the Reality worshipped - including rituals, prayers, yogic practices and meditations of all kinds, monotheism, pantheism, polytheism, agnosticism, atheism, and monism - can be found in Hinduism.

Each is respected according to its place in human development and none is allowed to be the last word for all people. This is not to say that all views and practices are regarded as equal or the same - generally meditation is the highest practice and Self-realization the highest goal - but each practice is given its appropriate place.One Christian fundamentalist group has said that there are only two religions in the world, Hinduism which absorbs everything and Christianity which excludes everything. 

One can be a Hindu and practice whatever religious teachings one finds beneficial, whether they arise from the Hindu tradition or outside of it. Hinduism defines itself as a pursuit of Truth, not the insistence upon a particular belief.Another of its names is the religion of Truth, Satya Dharma. It says that Truth alone wins, not untruth. One does not cease to be a Hindu by pursuing truth in different forms but only be ceasing to pursue Truth and instead promoting dogma.


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