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Universality in Religion and Conversion

Hinduism has been criticized as not being a universal religion because it does not seek converts or send out missionaries. Hinduism does not seek converts, but this is because of its universality, not owing to a lack of it. Its very universal view which sees the Divine in all prevents it from becoming a religion of conversion.

From its point of view the seeking of converts is a sin against the Divine in others, a kind of salesmanship, which fails to recognize the Divine Presence which is already there. Hinduism shares its knowledge with those who are receptive but it does not believe in proselytizing or propaganda. It is more concerned with communicating the essence of Truth than getting people to change their religious labels. It regards Truth as something we should search out inside ourselves, not try to impose on others as if it were an external thing.

Conversion is actually the denial of universality and an assertion of partiality. If Truth is universal who are we going to convert and to what? Hinduism emphasizes recognizing the Truth. We cannot be converted to Truth but only to a belief, which is a form of falsehood. A truly universal religion does not need to seek converts because it recognizes that we are always part of Universal Reality. From the point of view of Universal Reality all people are always within it. No one cannot be excluded from it, though we may try to live apart from it.


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