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Hinduism : The Eternal Tradition, Sanatana Dharma

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Sanatana Dharma as an open tradition does not exclude any useful way of approaching the truth of the vast universe in which we live. It does not define itself against something else but includes all that is useful to the spiritual life. Yet this does not mean that a universal tradition accepts other religions as they see themselves. This is not be possible, as exclusive views which insist that their point of view alone is correct are mutually contradictory.

In accepting the value of all sincere approaches to the Divine, Sanatana Dharma cannot sanction the exclusivism of any particular group. That Sanatana Dharma accepts Christ as a great saint, for example, does not mean that it accepts the Christian claim that Christ is the only Son of God.

Sanatana Dharma accepts faith and devotion but not the limited form with which it is identified. Sanatana Dharma accepts all sincere efforts to find truth or to help other human beings. In this regard Hinduism can honor atheists, if they are doing good or searching for the truth. Hinduism values doing good more than the mere belief in God, which can be used as a mask for doing harm.

It holds that a person who does good, be he an atheist or agnostic, is better than a person who does harm, be he a firm believer in God. Yet beyond valuing what is good, Hinduism values spiritual knowledge. It says that a single person of real spiritual perception is more significant than any number of mere believers or good people. All the good and bad actions of people are ultimately illusory as the Divine is the only true reality. One who knows that is the real teacher.

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