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Hinduism : The Eternal Tradition, Sanatana Dharma

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The One God becomes an abstraction to which actual people are sacrificed. He becomes jealous, wrathful and communal and promotes such action among his special followers. He is opposed to any creativity or spirituality and insists upon his law, ritual and theology as the unquestioned truth.

While this may not have been the intention of the mystics who emphasized the One, it has often become the behavior of his literal-minded followers. Such monolithic views are out of harmony with the cultural diversity of the modern world, and represent a medieval and authoritarian standard that usually has a patriarchal bias.

Hinduism, on the other hand, contains the diversity needed for a global age. Hinduism as Sanatana Dharma cannot be limited to belief in One God, but it acknowledges monotheism as an important approach to the spiritual life. In this regard Hinduism is also a monotheistic religion but not exclusively so and has created a number of wonderful monotheistic approaches including that of the Divine Mother.

While accepting monotheism as one major approach, Hindus do not always regard it as the highest. Many Hindu teachings regard monism, or the idea that there is only One Truth, as the highest truth and as transcending any monotheistic or personal God.


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