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Hinduism : The Eternal Tradition, Sanatana Dharma

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 Freedom: The Goal of Religion

Sanatana Dharma holds that freedom or liberation is the true goal of life. True freedom is freedom from all external conditioning influences, whether of body or mind. This is the freedom of Self-realization, complete independence of time, space and causation. We are all seeking freedom. No one of us is happy with boundaries or limitations. No one wants to live in a small and cramped room, or have no space in which to grow or express themselves.

Unfortunately we are seeking freedom in the outer world, through more possessions, power or pleasure, which are all forms of bondage and limitation. Hinduism says we need to redirect this seeking of freedom within, where alone it can be truly realized. Freedom is not the ability to have more things or gain more experiences but the inner fullness which no longer requires such external supports for our happiness. A universal tradition emphasizes freedom, which includes freedom from religion as well as religion as a means of gaining freedom. If we remain tied to a church, book or savior our religion has failed us, or we have failed our religion.

Hindus have complete freedom in their spiritual life. They have any number of holy books to choose from and are not required to literally believe in any one of them. They have any number of avatars and gurus to choose from, and aren't required to follow any one of them exclusively. They have their sacred sites everywhere that they live. Their spiritual practices are done in their own homes on a daily basis and require no church.

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