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Cause and Effect

Karma is a natural law, not a moral law. If we put our hands into a fire  and get burned, it is because we have violated natural law. We have acted contrary to the inherent qualities of things. There is no God who forbids us to touch fire and who burns us to punish us for violating his dictate. Just as there is natural law in the outer world, so does natural law apply to the realm of emotion and thought. Unfortunately, we are not as perceptive in the inner or psychological realm as in the outer.

We do not always see how we are hurting ourselves through the violation of our own emotional nature. All bad or evil thoughts and emotions must first hurt ourselves as our mind is their field of manifestation. If I am angry that anger must first affect me, not only disturbing my emotions and thoughts, but harming my physical body as well. 

I may blame another for it, but I still am creating it in myself and have to experience the consequences of it within my own psyche.  The relationship between cause and effect may not appear as dramatically or immediately in the inner world, as it does in the outer. When I put my hand in a fire, I know quite directly the mistake I have committed.


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About Karma And The Science Of Rebirth
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