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The real law is that whatever is not  good for our soul cannot be good for the souls of others either. To cater to the ego needs of others is not good for us and harms them as well.  True good, therefore, cannot be measured by how much people like us, how much money we have given to charity, by how good the world thinks we are. According to the Vedas the highest good is to be ourselves, to rest in our true Self or inner nature apart from all external influences and motivations. This allows for the flow of Divine grace into the world wherein we go beyond all the superficial appearances of good and evil. Great beings bless the world by their mere existence and need not do any other action to uplift humanity. 

What is necessary, therefore, is not that we do good karma but that we are true to ourselves, to our deepest Self. Both good and bad karma bind the soul, just as a golden chain can bind a man as much as an iron one. It is usually easier to go from good karma to beyond karma but many instances of great yogis have occurred wherein their early part of life involved bad karma, even the working of black magic or criminal deeds. No one should be judged.


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About Karma And The Science Of Rebirth
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