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Karma teaches us that there is an absolute inner justice in life which cannot be violated even by the grossest injustice of the outer world. Suffering and misfortune teach us to look deeper and see the real state of things. Without them we would probably not grow inwardly but would relax into lives of superficiality and dissipation. We should welcome difficulties as our friends and teachers. Suffering is the way of spiritual growth for human beings. It should not be taken as a simple indication of bad karma but as a means to take us beyond karma. 

As long as we are content with what we can achieve in the realm of action, we cannot find what is real in life. Being itself, which is truth, cannot be arrived at through action. It is not a result that any action can produce. The highest action is to give up attachment to our actions and to act only insofar as we are prompted by our inner being. Thus we must not take good karma to be an end in itself or be content with it. Good and bad karma are the light and shadow in the mirror but our true nature is the mirror and to know it we must not be overcome by good or bad reflections within it.


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About Karma And The Science Of Rebirth
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