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When I give my mind over to a fiery emotion like anger or hatred, I may not make the same ascertainment. Moreover, should I take advantage of another person, for example, abuse their friendship, I might not know what this means until someone does the same thing to me. We are simply not aware of cause and effect in the mind, partly because we are not trained to do so. In fact we are encouraged to ignore it. 

If we can make an unfair amount of money on someone, as long as it is legal, we feel we have gotten away with it. Though we may have gotten away with it in the outer world, in the inner world we cannot escape the consequence of that action. The prime result of all wrong actions, all actions which cause harm to others or increase falsehood and illusion in the world, is that they bar us firm entering the inner realms of the mind. 

They shut the door on the inner realm of being, consciousness and bliss in which is our only true and lasting fulfillment. Though we may gain in the outer world, even if we gain it all, we still lose the inner realm, compared to which the outer is a mere shadow or bubble.  Hence it is important for us to note the cause and effect relationship between our actions in time.

We can easily adjust to what has an immediate effect but we do not always see how we are experiencing the results of what we have done in the more distant past. If we eat bad food, we may develop an ulcer in time. But we are more aware of the immediate taste of the food, which may be pleasing to the senses, and so do not connect our disease with its cause which only manifests later.


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