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The inner world does not follow the same logic as the outer world. A great enlightened individual may hold within himself a greater spiritual force than millions of people. So too an uninvolved person may not have a definable soul. It is also possible for one soul to take more than one birth at the same time, either high or low. A greater population does, however, tend to decrease the quality of the soul or the soul power in incarnation and spreads it more thin. 

The process of death is like an extended version of the process of sleep. At death we enter into a deeper sleep. This takes us first into a state of greater dream. We enter more directly and completely into the astral plane, which we touch in the dream state. There we experience various positive or negative mental states according to our knowledge and action in life. Our predominant mental conditions arise as the impressions we have gathered in life are released. 

We may see the friends and relatives we have most thought about in life. This may take us to various positive or negative astral worlds, the basis of the ideas of heaven and hell. These usually reflect our religious conditioning, as they are the reflections of our thoughts. A Christian will experience a Christian heaven or hell, a Muslim a Muslim heaven or hell. These are all temporary. Sometimes the heavens are based more on illusion and wrong thinking as much as the hells.


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About Karma And The Science Of Rebirth
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