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Hinduism : The Eternal Tradition, Sanatana Dharma

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Should Members of Other Religions Become Hindus?

The true purpose of religion is to know God, which is to know one's Self. The Hindu tradition as Sanatana Dharma contains the full range of meditational practices leading to Self-realization, which are not clearly understood in all religious traditions and are entirely absent in a number of them. If one is serious about the real purpose of religion, which is the inner quest, Hindu teachings are of great importance.

Hinduism, directing us to Self-realization, can be helpful to those of any religious background. It leads to a greater teaching that integrates religion into a spiritual view. Hinduism teaches cosmic laws like karma and rebirth that everyone should know. It emphasizes universal ethical practices like non-violence and principles of right living like vegetarian diet, which are essential to world peace. It contains a complete science of Yoga, including postures, breathing practices, mantra and meditation, which all people need to understand their True Nature.

Mystics of all types usually subscribe to Hindu type views and practices including rebirth, mantra, Yoga and meditation, even though the more orthodox in the religions may not. The advantage of Hinduism is that it is a religion which does not have a gulf between the mystics and the orthodox and which provides spiritual practices for people at all levels.


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