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How Can Hindus Function as Minorities in Islamic Countries?

There are a number of Hindu minorities in Islamic countries. In Pakistan, Bangladesh, Malaysia and Indonesia they are the remnants of the original Hindus of the region. In the Gulf countries they come mainly as workers.

Unfortunately Hindus are not treated well in Islamic countries, particularly as regards their religion. They are often forbidden to practice their religion in public. They are not allowed to teach their religion publicly. They certainly are not allowed to convert Muslims to Hinduism. Nor will any Hindu political parties be tolerated. This is all very different than in India where Muslims are generally allowed to do all these things. In fact Hindus are so oppressed in most Islamic countries that they are often afraid even to speak out. The same is true to a lesser degree in regard to members of other non-Islamic religions in Islamic countries, including Christianity.

Traditionally Arabs employed Hindus as servants and slaves, along with black Africans and other non-Muslims they captured in war. Under Islamic rule in India Hindus were oppressed, forced to pay religious taxes, and otherwise looked down upon, just as the British later discriminated against them. Hence it has not been the tendency of Muslims to appreciate Hindus, and fundamentalist Islam has continued this tradition.

With such a history and under such adverse circumstances Hindus in Islamic countries must hold to the inner truth of their tradition, though it may be difficult to express it outwardly. Above all, they should seek alliance with Hindu groups in other countries, and Hindus in other countries should seek to help them. We live in a global culture today and Hindus must create a common cause with Hindus all over the world. Otherwise Hindus who are suffering oppression will not be helped by anyone.


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