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Why Do Christians and Muslims Seek to Convert Hindus?

Over the centuries Christians and Muslims have sent out not only missionaries but also armies to convert Hindus. Today they are probably spending more money than at any point in history to achieve this aim.

Obviously one does not seek to convert someone whose views one respects. Clearly such Christians and Muslims do not appreciate Hinduism, Sanatana Dharma, its many saints, sages, yogic practices and spiritual philosophies. They do not understand Yoga and Vedanta and may be opposed to such spiritual approaches even in their own traditions. If they appreciated such knowledge they would be coming to the Hindus to learn, as many Westerners have, and not be peddling their own generally inferior doctrines instead. It only shows that they don't know what is of true spiritual value. Hindus who are taken in by them only demonstrate a greater ignorance.

This conversion mentality reflects an outward view of religion, in which religion becomes a social-political institution whose main goal is to increase in numbers. It generally inhibits the internal dimension of religion or the spiritual quest, which it is often opposed to, and which the very groups that it seeks to convert often know much more about. Such missionaries are to be pitied. Though they may have their idealism and their noble sentiments, much like politicians, they have not understood the real purpose of religion which is not to get other people to follow a belief but to awaken the Divine Self in all. They need to be taught the true missionary spirit in religion is not the missionary spirit of conversion but the yogic spirit.


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