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Is There Militancy in Hinduism?

Militancy has not existed in Hinduism to the extent that it has in belief-oriented religions. This is owing to the tolerant spirit of Hinduism and its emphasis on non-violence. Hindus have never invaded any country and tried to convert its people through force, propaganda, or economic pressure, the way Christian and Islamic countries have done through history. There is no Hindu history of holy wars, crusades, or foreign conquests, no Hindu church militant.

There are Hindu activists, but we seldom see the type of militancy in Hinduism that has existed in the name of belief-oriented religions. According to the Hindu view it is against Dharma or true religion to invade another country and try to convert it, to impose religious taxes on those of other beliefs, to promote missions that aim at conversion by misrepresenting other religions, or to denigrate the cultures of other people.

Naturally there are exceptions to this even among Hindus in this militant age, but they are minor in their proportions. Most of what has been called Hindu fundamentalism is generally only a reaction against Islamic or Christian fundamentalism and militancy which has long made India its target.


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