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Do You Think Hinduism is a Superior Religion?

Hinduism is a religion that includes both the high and the low, which recognizes the spiritual needs of people at all levels. There are no spiritual practices in any religion, whether it is the most simple nature worship or the most exalted meditational approach, without counterparts in Hinduism. Hinduism is thereby probably the most comprehensive religion in the world. This is because it is not trapped in the seeking of superiority but recognizes the same Divine Being and common human aspiration everywhere. Such comprehensiveness in religion is needed today.

However we should seek out the highest Truth, which is to know the Self, and this requires going beyond lesser truths. Recognizing the Self as the real goal of religion, Hinduism partakes of the highest Truth and does not stop short with secondary goals. But that highest Truth exists for all who look deeply into who they really are. No group can claim to own it, though only those who have realized it can really guide us to it.

Yet should some Hindus regard their religion as superior it need not bother anyone. In fact members of all religions tend to think that. Certainly Hindus have many good reasons to do so, with their great spiritual and cultural traditions. Even if we regard our religion as superior we should remain open to the views of others and seek to discover the Truth through developing the higher states of consciousness wherein Truth can be perceived directly within us. It should encourage us to work harder at our own connection with God or Truth, not to sit smugly by and judge others as unholy merely because they don't think the same way we do.


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