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Why Did the Pope Condemn Yogic Practices?

A few years ago the Pope issued a proclamation telling Catholics, particularly monks and priests, to avoid yogic practices and mixing Catholicism with Eastern traditions like the Hindu and Buddhist. In his recent book he was very critical of the Buddhists as well.

Obviously such actions do not show an appreciation of yogic traditions and their practices and does not recognize their importance for the spiritual life. This is not surprising because orthodox Catholicism, such as the Pope supports, has not accepted the doctrines of karma, rebirth and Self-realization that go along with yogic traditions. The church has even sent out priests to convert the great yogis of India, as if such people were in need of salvation!

The Pope needs to be educated more properly as to what the Truth is so that he can promote a true spiritual tradition and not merely a dogmatic religious institution that stifles inner inquiry, which is what his present course appears to be and what Catholicism usually has done. For this Hindus should try to educate Catholics as to the importance of yogic and dharmic teachings, particularly individuals, like the Pope, who have expressed an appreciation of mystical approaches such as have been extensively developed in India.

Unfortunately when religion becomes an institution, maintaining that institution blinds us to the Truth, which transcends all organizations. It causes us to oppose teachings from outside the organization even if they may be more true than those within it. Until this organizational mentality is transcended we will remain trapped in ignorance.


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