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Through our accumulation of ideas we gain control of others. There are no other possible outer goals for us in life than these. We may change their forms but their basic nature must remain the same. We may develop new and more exciting forms of pleasure but the experience of pleasure is essentially the same. It can be a little more or less but it cannot become qualitatively different. To gain the same experience of pleasure, however, we need ever new objects or more powerful forms, as what is stimulating the first time becomes less exciting through repetition.  

These goals are all outward, limited and transient. They are bound by death. Whatever we gain of them in life cannot become a permanent part of our being or improve our state of awareness. They cannot provide any lasting happiness, abundance, energy or wisdom. We still pursue these goals all over the world. We have expanded their fields horizontally but we are remain under their rule. Through the pursuit of pleasure we can only gain pleasure. The senses themselves are limited and can easily be damaged or exhausted by pushing pleasure beyond its limited scope. While a new stereo may appear to give more pleasure than an old one, the simple experience of the sound of a bird heard by an innocent mind is far greater than any of these. Our expanded field may only complicate not improve our condition. 


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About Vedic Social Science : The Spiritual Basis Of Culture
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