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While democracy may be better than a false hierarchy, it remains inferior to a hierarchy of real values. It can only be an intermediate phase between the degenerate ancient hierarchy and a revised futuristic one. Society cannot be free of hierarchy. Each society has its standards and authorities. We can either base it on a true set of values defined by a spiritual evolution or it will establish itself according to the lower values of wealth, power and pleasure. 

The outer goals of life have their necessity but it is only superficial. They are not the real aim. Our purpose in incarnation is to grow in consciousness. For our functioning we need certain objects to allow us to live. We need to have a certain pleasure in what we do. We need to be recognized for our skills so that we can contribute to society. We need some knowledge about the outer world. This is like a man on a journey spending a few days to gather experience in a different land. He needs to be able to provide for himself during his stay. But his real home is elsewhere. He cannot lose sight of the fact that he is only a traveler, in transit. He must pursue his primary goal, which is to return home. 

Hence we see that the Vedic system of social science of Manu is universal. It a conscious organization of the different aptitudes of humanity. It applies in all cultures. We must be one of the four varnas. The variation in culture is according to which of the varnas is given power or priority. 


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About Vedic Social Science : The Spiritual Basis Of Culture
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