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Through the pursuit of wealth we can only gain wealth. It will gives us bigger houses, better cars, more jewels, but it will not give us true happiness or immortality. A simple man may gain the same feeling through finding a beautiful rock on a hill, as a wealthy man through his latest million. Through the pursuit of status we can only gain status. This gives us fame, recognition and adulation. But it cannot provide peace, integrity, and a true sense ofself-worth. The recognition by society of our being a famous person may be less genuine than the recognition by our wife or partner of our integrity in life. 

Though the forms of these values can change their basic nature remains the same and the type of life we can experience from them is of the same order. For example, the life of a merchant in ancient Egypt and one in the United States today does differ greatly in form but the basic mentality and emotions is going to be the same. Hence as long as we pursue these same values we are only expanding our society horizontally. We are not actually bringing in any ascent or spiritual evolution. 

Our values in life serve to divide us. When they come into conflict we find ourselves at odds with each other. As long as we are pursing lower values or personal gains such strife is inevitable. If my values are commercial I must come into conflict with the commercial needs of others as wealth is always limited. Society can only be truly united through religious or spiritual values which transcend human differences and limited resources.


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About Vedic Social Science : The Spiritual Basis Of Culture
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