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Where Do People Go Who Worship God in Different Forms?

We gain that which we set our hearts upon in life. We go to that to which we are most devoted. This may be different than the names and forms we subscribe to, or the beliefs that we hold. What we are most devoted to is that which we give most of our attention to, the most constant object of our thoughts.

Those who worship God go to God in the way in which they worship that Reality. We develop in ourselves the qualities we most honor. If the God we worship is a God of anger, then we go to anger, we develop more anger in ourselves, and we go to worlds and incarnations dominated by anger once we have left this transient life. If the God we worship is a God of love, than we develop more love in ourselves. We go to worlds and incarnations dominated by love. 

To see where we will go we must look at the qualities we admire and focus on. There is a science to this that can be observed and understood, just as the plant we grow must be of the same nature as the seed we put into the ground. This is why it is important that we are cognizant of what we worship or honor in life. 

However only if we know the Supreme Being as the Self do we know the Truth and are liberated. Otherwise we are trapped in ignorance, whatever we may worship, because worship implies a duality between the worshipper and the object worshipped. The highest worship is meditation which cognizes the Self-existent Reality. While worship in the ordinary sense means honoring an external being, in Sanatana Dharma it stands for meditation practices to realize our true Self.


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