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Awaken Bharata

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Hinduism : The Eternal Tradition, Sanatana Dharma

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Modern Hindus appear to be unable to discriminate between how to deal with other religions on a political level, on one hand, versus how to deal with them on a religious level, on the other. They have confused political tolerance with religious acceptance, thinking that they must accept all religions as true in order to create political harmony with their followers. This has led to a situation in which Hindus do not defend their religion so as not to politically offend other religious groups, even though other religions do not reciprocate and continue their criticism and missionary efforts against Hindus.

The result of this confusion is that Hinduism is losing any clear identity for itself and failing to counter the forces that are assailing it. One does not need to sacrifice one's religious beliefs at the altar of political exigency, particularly when other religious groups hold their own ground. One can be clear and strong in one's religion, including defending it against missionary attacks and media distortions, without having to lose one's political tolerance. 

Unfortunately most political leaders in India, including some who claim to be staunch Hindus, don't seem to understand how to do this. They have chosen to hide their religion in this age of the clash of cultures and instead give their public praise to the beliefs of others. This has been done mainly out of political accommodation but there is a pretence that there is something deeply spiritual about it.

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