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Awaken Bharata

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In fact the question arises: can a major Hindu politician arise who does not feel it necessary to bow down before Christianity and Islam in order to prove that he is a true national leader? Cannot a Hindu be a national leader of India as a good Hindu without having to try to be a good Christian and Muslim as well?

Being a good national leader is not a matter of respecting one or all religious beliefs. It consists of giving priority to the nation at a political level, regardless of religious considerations. In India today nationalism is not defined by nationalism but by religion, and particularly by honoring foreign-derived religions, as if that somehow made one more nationalistic! Naturally this makes for a weak country and encourages separatist movements.

As soon as a Hindu politician in India wants to become popular, he starts speaking of the glory of Islam and the greatness of Christ. He does not speak of the greatness of the nation going back to ancient times or of its venerable old Hindu-based traditions. This does not encourage minority groups to think of themselves as Indians but gives more weight to their religious identity as overriding any political identity. For India to move forward this practice must come to an end. A Hindu politician need bow down to Muslim and Christian religious interests and avoid appearing too Hindu. He must be a national leader who promotes the welfare of the country as a whole over the special interests of any group, while both remaining true to his own religious background and allowing others the freedom to follow their own.

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