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Awaken Bharata

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Hinduism : The Eternal Tradition, Sanatana Dharma

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The two factors go easily together because Hinduism is a religion in which devotion is not based upon dogma but on freedom and tolerance. Hindu political leaders should uphold religious freedom in the political realm but need not hide their Hinduism in doing so. The very openness of Hinduism allows them to do so, which does not bind Hindu politicians to any exclusive creed. Politically Hindus must require that members of all religions follow the law of the land and a common civil code, even if other religious groups may call this discrimination against them.

Hindu politicians should look upon all individuals, regardless of their religious background, as possessing the same political and human rights. They should treat Muslims in India as equal citizens of the land, not looking at them as vote banks or as members of a particular religion only. They themselves should be proud religious Hindus but politically protect all citizens regardless of different religious beliefs.

Just as Western politicians speak of following Christian values of compassion and humanitarianism, Hindu politicians can speak of universal Hindu values of Dharma and diversity without ceasing thereby to be secular. The problem is that modern Hindu political leaders have felt that in order to represent the entire country they must cater to minority religions and make speeches praising their glory.

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