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Awaken Bharata

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Hindu Pandering of Minority Votes

In order to gain the support of Muslims in India, Hindu politicians have tried to ignore the history of Islamic aggression against Hindus. Many Muslims have tried to ignore it as well because it is hardly flattering in the modern age. Some Hindu politicians in their attempt to woo Muslims claim that it was only the British who divided the Hindus and Muslims in India, who were always one people.

They want to forget the centuries of Islamic wars against Hindus in India and the thousands of destroyed Hindu temples. This is promoting what is if not a lie at best only a partial truth. There were some instances of Hindu-Muslim unity in the history of India. These occurred when Muslims adapted a more secular model and ceased to follow the aggressive models of their religion that was seeking to Islamicize India.

Such moments were exceptions and cannot be used to nullify long term conflicts between the two groups. While a history of conflict may not be a pleasant thing to face, denying history cannot resolve the problems that it has created, which must surface again eventually if they have not been adequately dealt with.

In order to gain minority votes Hindu political groups should not pretend that Hinduism is only a culture and not a religion. They should be politically secular and broad minded, but can at the same time remain strong and devoted Hindus in their private lives and demonstrate this in public as well.

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