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Awaken Bharata

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Hindu Politics

In recent years, partly as a backlash to this failed policy of accommodation of religions, more pro-Hindu political parties have come to prominence in India. They strive to defend Hindu causes and to reverse the policy of anti- Hinduism in the government. Naturally, to one unacquainted with India and its history, this at face value may look like a religious interference in politics.

But if we look at the matter carefully we see that such so-called Hindu parties are asking for the removal of anti-Hindu policies, eliminating the current pseudo-secularism that grants special favors to religious minorities and penalizes the majority religious community. They want Hinduism to be honored in India and to be recognized for its contribution to the culture. They are not asking, like Islamic countries, for a religious state, or for the imposition of religious law, but only for a common civil code, which India has yet to have.

Of course political groups should avoid criticizing religious beliefs whatever these may be. Only the political activity of religious groups should be their concern. However, Hindus are in a position in which rival nations, like Pakistan, are using religion against them, creating holy wars against India, and trying to encourage the Muslim minority of India to join these. There is not only an Islamic but a Christian agenda against Hindu majority India. Not only Hindus, any nationalist Indians, should be willing to criticize religious groups that encourage separatist and terrorist activities in their own country. In this case it is the political activities of these groups that is the issue, not their metaphysical beliefs.

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