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Why Are Hindus Apologetic About Being Hindus?

First, Hinduism as the formulation of a universal tradition is not an aggressive system. It encourages humility and respect for all peoples and all religions. It promotes itself through peace and love, not through preaching and condemnation. In the modern world, which has little of spirituality in it, many Hindus find that their tradition appears out of place.

This has caused them to feel apologetic about their practices as part of an attempt to accommodate others. On the second level, the Hindu social system contains various regressive social customs, like untouchability, which Hindus feel ashamed of in the face of modern humanitarian political values.

Only those Hindus who don't understand the real meaning of their tradition as Sanatana Dharma and the centrality of its yogic approaches to world spirituality can be dominated by either of these views. In fact Hinduism, through Vedanta or the science of Self-realization is the teaching of lion-hearted souls. It is for the fearless and independent, for those who are willing to transcend the external view of reality.

Yet not all Hindus are apologetic about being Hindus. The apologetic Hindu may soon be a thing of the past, as the great value of Yoga, Vedanta, Ayurveda, Vedic knowledge and Sanatana Dharma spreads throughout the world.


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