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Hinduism : The Eternal Tradition, Sanatana Dharma

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What is the Hindu View of Theology?

Theology should set forth, both rationally and with proper consideration as to the role of faith, an understanding of God, the principles of cosmic creation and the way for the soul to return to its unity with God. Theology should link us up with the Divine Father/Mother of the universe in all its glory and through all of its forms and functions on the various levels of this manifold universe both inwardly and outwardly. Theology should not be a system of dogmas to follow outwardly, or ideas to limit our thoughts to, but should direct us inwardly to realization of God, and to Self-realization.

Most Western theology whether Christian or Islamic is of a dualistic nature. It stops short with an intellectual explanation of God or with the setting up of principles of faith, which are not to be questioned however arbitrary they might appear. It often appears more as an intellectual apologetic for religion rather than a deep inquiry into universal Truth. It mainly follows Aristotle, who was more of an intellectual than a spiritual person. Western theology does not understand the ultimate reality of the Self, which it does not mention, and is ignorant of the most important cosmic laws like that of karma. It has much to learn from Hindu theology. Hindus should seek to dialogue with Western theology to help raise the level of theological thinking in the world. In this way theology can be used to direct us to the spiritual path, not merely to uphold the dogma of one religion or another.


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