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Is Your's Not an Unrealistic View of Hinduism?

Very well, one could say, your view of Hinduism is universal, futuristic and beneficial for all to consider, but does the actual Hindu really think this way? Is not the average Hindu trapped in superstition and social backwardness? Are you not covering over this fact with a fantasy view of Hinduism?

The average Hindu may not be aware of the vastness of his or her own tradition. The person may not see beyond the particular sect he or she may belong to. But that is not to deny the underlying teaching. How many Westerners are aware of the beauty and profundity of European intellectual culture? How many of us today understand the formulas of modern physics? Does this mean that atomic power or computers don't work?

There is always a gap between a spiritual teaching and its social application because our planet is not yet very spiritually evolved. What is necessary is to raise people up to higher teachings, not to reject higher teachings for ordinary pursuits which are easier to do. It is not just a question of Hinduism. We all have a tremendous spiritual potential compared to which the other achievements of humanity - whether in art, science, business or religion - are mere trifles. Let us not demean ourselves. All time and space are but our shadow. If we follow the paths of Yoga and the traditions of meditation we can arrive at the Universal Self.


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