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What is the Hindu View of Philosophy?

India, and particularly Hinduism, has been the place of probably the greatest development of spiritual philosophy, which it has regarded as part of the spiritual path and the Yoga of knowledge. Hinduism has produced some of the world's most important philosophies, particularly the various schools of Vedanta.

Yet its view of philosophy is very different than that of the West. The correct Hindu word for philosophy is darshana, which means "a way of perception." Each of the philosophies of Hinduism is a spiritual approach which requires following a certain life-style, ethic disciplines and practicing various yogic methods to arrive at this perception. Hindu philosophies are meant to help us realize the Truth beyond the world of the senses. They all have a view which transcends the ordinary mind-body complex.

According to the Hindu view there is little real philosophy in the Western world. Western philosophical thinking has gone down hill since the time of Plato, ever abandoning spiritual experience and a transcendent view of life for mere rational, speculative, and utilitarian considerations. It has become ever more increasingly under the domination of the senses, and is now little more than an apologist for a scientific-materialistic view that is unaware of higher dimensions of consciousness. 

Even Western religious philosophy, as in the case of Christian and Islamic theology, has largely been devoid of the kind of experiential spirituality and exploration of higher states of consciousness and samadhi found in all Hindu and Buddhist systems. Philosophy in India, moreover, continues to be a living and experiential endeavor. Modern India has not only maintained its ancient philosophical traditions but has produced new philosophers like Sri Aurobindo who were also great yogis.


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