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Will Science and Yogic Spirituality Be Reconciled?

While modern science has yet to recognize the higher yogic science, it has begun to move in that direction. The mechanistic or Newtonian view of the universe is now dead. The idea of the universe as energy which supplanted it, the Einsteinian view, is also coming in to question. The idea of the universe as consciousness is now being seriously considered by many scientists.

 It is only a matter of time, which could be a little as a few decades, for this idea to be validated in scientific experiments. Once this occurs modern scientists will have to again seriously consider the knowledge and practices of yogic scientists and their workings on the inner levels of the mind. The material and spiritual sciences will have to meet and create an integral science for all humanity including both in their proper place.

Sanatana Dharma is an eternal tradition. However much humanity may move away from its teachings, it must return to them in the course of time. Sanatana Dharma requires freedom of inquiry to discover it. This science has brought on a mundane level. Such freedom of examination must be brought into the workings of the mind, so that questioning our very ego itself we can discover our true Self which is beyond all sorrow.

This is the ultimate scientific achievement for all people. It also requires the development of a spiritual psychology, a science of consciousness, including higher states of awareness, which alone can bridge the gap between science and religion.


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