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For source teachings today each sect of Hinduism has its own scriptures. Most of these derive from various Puranas, Agamas and Tantras, not from the older Veda, though these former are still based upon the Vedas and usually quote from them for their authority.  

Let us imagine that we make today a great scripture combining the teachings of the great sages, prophets and avatars of the world. We would have sections in it on all the world's great religions, the names of many sages, many different names for the Divine and many different approaches to it. We would have Christian, Judaic, Islamic, Hindu, Buddhist and Taoist teachings. If we were more eclectic or broad minded we would include Shinto, Zoroastrian, Native American, African, Polynesian and perhaps even teachings of religions which have passed away like those of ancient Greece, Egypt and Babylonia. 

Now if someone at some point in the future found such a book not knowing its origin or scope, perhaps not having a clear idea as to what the words mean, they could make many wrong conclusions. They might consider such a great universal scripture is teaching polytheism as the names of God are so many. They could assume it was a product of a limited local culture and reduce these names of the Divine to different tribal Gods. In this way Allah could be considered the God of one tribe, Buddha that of another, Christ that  of a third and so on. 


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