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Other important seer families were the Bhrigus (associated with Venus) and the Ribhus. Some Vedic Gods may have also been families of the seers, including the Maruts, the Adityas and the Ashwins. Each of the seven seer families still has many descendants in India and elsewhere. They were said to be the progenitors of the human race. 

The head of each of the seer families was like a Tulku and took many births or passed on his teaching to many successors who bore his name. Hence Vedic and Puranic literature is filled with many Vasishtas, Vishwamitras, etc.  The Rig Veda is composed of ten books (called mandalas in Sanskrit). Seven of the books each relate primarily to one great seer and the family he belongs to; the second book belongs to Gritsamada and his family, the Bhrigus; the third relates to Vishwamitra and his family; the fourth to Vamadeva and the Gotama family; the fifth to Atri and his family; the sixth to Bharadvaja and his family; the seventh to Vasishta and his family; and the eighth to the Kanwas. The first book is a collection of hymns from seers of different families, mainly earlier ones.


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