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 Vishnu is an important form of the Sun God and later all forms of the Sun God were merged into him. Shiva is present as Rudra, the seldom invoked but very much respected and feared father of all the Gods.  

Each God or Goddess represents certain Divine qualities. They are present as the guiding forces both in nature and in the human psyche. Hence they are largely a personification of ideas, of the truth perceptions, the great archetypes of the Divine Mind. For example, the God Mitra, whose name literally means friend, stands for friendship and its importance in life as a divine or spiritual quality.  

Each God or Goddess can be any or all the Gods. The concepts of monotheism, polytheism, pantheism and monism are all woven together in the Vedic vision of totality. The Divine is seen as both One and Many without contraction. The Divine is all the universe and all the cosmic powers which rule it but it also transcends the world. Such a wholistic view of the world was quite confusing to the scholars who first translated the Vedas, but perhaps today we can appreciate in better in light of our larger view of the world and the psyche.


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