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He symbolizes the enlightened mind and creative intelligence. He is the Divine creator and transformer.  Other important deities are Varuna, the lord of the cosmic ocean and the Divine judge; Mitra the Divine friend and lord of compassion and Savitar, the Sun God of creative intelligence.

Goddesses are Usha, the Goddess of the Dawn or spiritual aspiration; Saraswati, the Goddess of the Divine Word, of wisdom and inspiration; Aditi the Goddess of Infinite Oneness and Wholeness; and Apas, the Cosmic Waters. Moreover each of the Gods has his consort, like Indra and Indrani, Varuna and Varunani. Collective deities exist like the Adityas, the solar deities, the Maruts or Rudras, Gods of the storm, the Ribhus or Divine craftsmen and the Vishvedevas, literally the universal Gods who symbolize the unity of all the Gods.  

The trinity of later Hinduism, Brahma the creator, Vishnu the maintainer and Shiva the destroyer is present in the Rig Veda but behind the scenes. Brahma is Brihaspati, also called Brahmanaspati, the priest of the Gods.


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