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Moreover, knowledge or skill in the material world does not necessarily include that of the spiritual realm, so a lack of it may not exclude it either. Hence the ancients could very well have had quite a diversity of religious or spiritual approaches even in a small area. Look at the philosophical diversity we find in great ages of humanity like ancient Greece, though the land itself was rather small. So too, we cannot judge the breadth of ideas by the material limitations of a culture.  

Probably the most universal and comprehensive of such ancient teachings is the Rig Veda, the oldest teaching of India. It is not surprising that it has been reduced to such a polytheistic interpretation, though it states in many places the unity of truth and the identity of one God with all the Gods.  

The basis of all scriptures is a rendering in human language of the Word of God. It is not our culture alone which has a book it claims to be the word of God. Most cultures have such a book. Some have many such books. The essence then of a source teaching or scripture is a rendering the word of God. This is called mantra in Sanskrit. By the spiritual origin and power of the Sanskrit language many mantric or scriptural texts thus exist within it. The most primary is the source book of the mantra, the Rig Veda.


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