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No machine can give us life, nor can mechanical tests really measure the life-force within us which is the true measure of our health. Medical diagnoses may be more harmful than helpful if they do not acknowledge the ability of the life-force to overcome all diseases. The diagnosis of cancer, for example, often tends to destroy the life will in the patient and thereby prevents any cure from taking place. 

No substance we take from the outside can be anything more than a catalyst. We, each of us individually, has to learn what are nature really is and through it how to live in harmony with the cosmic life.No one can do this for us and as long as we are unwilling to do so we must contract disease. For this reason Ayurveda is a constitutional or individually oriented medicine. It has no form of mass treatment or mass diagnosis. It is opposed to all standardized medicine. It says that each individual is different and even if their diseases are apparently the same we still cannot treat them in the same way. 

Those looking for mere comfort or for someone to make them healthy without their own effort may find Ayurveda limited or unhelpful. But it is the most honest form of medicine and the one which does not take power over us. If we begin to apply its tools in our own lives we will get great results but only if we do so in harmony with Nature and through the course of time with the appropriate adjustments to the rhythms of life.


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