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As a spiritually based medicine, it tells us that psychological and spiritual factors usually outweigh physical factors in causing diseases. Hence even if we follow the right physical regimes, if our emotions are disturbed or if we have no real spiritual purpose in life, we cannot expect to truly heal. We cannot cure the body apart from the mind, or the mind apart from the soul. To treat diseases on only a physical level deals with the effects not the causes and cannot address the major part of the problem. 

We cannot cheat Nature or fool life. Short cuts, easy fixes, quick cures, wishful thinking, magic remedies and panaceas are not part of Ayurveda. Life demands a tremendous integrity, self-discipline and self-awareness to take us beyond disease and sorrow. Ayurveda may not make things easier for us in the short term but in the long run it allows us to open up to the real energy of the cosmic life within us and to assume responsibility for our own existence. There is a magic in Ayurveda but it is the magic of consciousness and moment by moment right action. Its magic is not that it takes us off the hook by solving our problems for us but that it gives us the right tools to effectively and finally dissolve them.




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About Nature's Medicine : Ayurveda
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