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Rejuvenation and Immortality 

We all seek immortality. It is our natural desire to want to live forever. According to the Vedas this desire is misplaced. Immortality is the natural quality of the soul. The mortal body has as its property eventual decay and death. The mortal can never become immortal and the immortal can never become mortal. 

Nothing can change its nature. It is only because we identify ourselves with the physical body that we wish for it to live forever and see in its demise the end of our existence. Immortality always belongs to us in our true nature as an eternal conscious being. 

While Ayurveda does not believe in physical immortality it does hold that our lives are much shorter than they need to be, owing to our inharmonious living patterns. It maintains that long life is a good general goal as the more time we have in an incarnation the more karma we can work through. Assumption of a new body is not only a difficult process but it is a challenge to retain our spiritual purpose in each incarnation. For this reason Ayurveda teaches us several means of prolonging life. 



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