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Each type tends towards certain diseases. Vata types tend towards nervous system disorders, anxiety attacks, insomnia, arthritis, constipation. Most wasting diseases and diseases of old age are of a Vata nature. Vata has the greatest number of diseases because as the most fundamental of the biological humors its imbalances can have greater consequences.

Pitta tends towards fever, infection, inflammatory diseases, hyperacidity, ulcers, skin rashes, bleeding disorders, liver problems. Kapha has congestive disorders, colds, flus, bronchitis, pneumonia and diseases of edema and excess water. Though each type may get any disease, each tends more towards diseases of its same qualities. 

One of the humors when high can damage the others as well. For example, high Kapha can clog the channels and the nerves and cause epilepsy or strokes, thus resulting in Vata disorders. 

It is important that we know our individual constitution and how to deal with it. Ayurveda prescribes diet, herbs and life-style per constitution. Generally we can all do well with a sattvic life-style, with pure, natural vegetarian food, peaceful, compassionate and humane living. When out of balance, however, we should always consider diet and herbs according to the deranged humor. For this we should consult an Ayurvedic practitioner.


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