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Ayurvedic Treatment

Ayurvedic treatment methods are of two kinds; constitutional or clinical. Constitutional remedies include diet, mild herbs and proper life-style per constitution. Clinical remedies consist of strong herbs and medications and Pancha Karma. 

Generally all therapies are divided into two types; tonification or reduction. Tonification therapy, also called supplementation is indicated for the weak, debilitated, convalescent, emaciated, pregnant, very young or very old. It rebuilds our internal energy and brings about increase of the tissues but may not clear up all toxins. Reduction therapy is indicated in acute diseases. It eliminates disease-causing factors and pathogens but may have a depleting effect upon the body. Both methods may be combined or used alternatively. Generally tonification follows reduction, as cleansing allows us to rebuild the body on a higher level. 

Tonification consists of rich diet, tonic and strengthening herbs, adequate rest and relaxation, avoidance of excessive activity or stimulation. Reduction methods are twofold as preliminary or radical. Preliminary or mild reduction therapies (shamana) consist of light eating or fasting, herbs to improve digestion, massage, sweating therapy and proper exercise. Radical reduction (shodhana) consists of Pancha Karma, strongly reducing herbs, drugs or surgery.


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